In the clothing industry, there are companies who work silently, but efficiently, to steadily perfect production, to constantly update working methods, and to improve their ability to keep in step with an ever-changing world. While they step up investments to ensure quality results, these companies take even deeper root on the production scene, and thus develop.

Such is the story of our Group, founded in 2006, in India. Our experience of 10 years in this industry has given us a definite edge in terms of leather quality, timely deliveries, competitive prices as well as the ability to offer the latest market trend. We develop classic, trendy and finest quality leather in the following articles as per season demands, i.e. Lamb, Cow, Buff & Goat in different finishes.

Our product range includes the following two segments:

Apparel includes Blazers, Long Coat, Skirt & Trouser, etc.

Accessories includes Bags, Purse, Belts, Flat goods wallets, travel folders, etc.

We visit and exhibit in various trade shows abroad to be updated with the latest fashion trends across the world.

We hope we can be your fruitful business partners for the maximum satisfaction of your ultimate customers.